Alexander Danilov

Business consulting

I used to be a professional accountant and a practicing lawyer. For a long time, I have been dealing with the problems of my clients, helping them to get out of their crisis situations. Over time, I have learned to predict problems and now I specialize in planning and optimizing business processes.

I create competitive advantages

In today’s highly competitive world, any business inevitably faces copying. If your idea has at least some small success, it will be copied by competitors. However, only the idea itself is easily copied, because it lies on the surface. But the internal processes (how your idea is implemented) do not lie on the surface and it is impossible to copy them without insider information.

Therefore, if you want to have a real and long-term advantage over your competitors in business, you will have to optimize your business processes. Actually, that is what I do. I make the processes simple and cost-effective. As a result, the business becomes predictable for you and unattainable for your competitors.

I help to make pragmatic decisions

Few people think about it, but we very rarely make impartial and pragmatic decisions. The reason for this is our emotions and habits. Emotions make our decisions hasty and ill-considered. And we get used to business so much over time that we stop seeing elementary things.

To help yourself, use my view as a professional who is not involved in your problems or your business. This view reduces the emotional dependence of your decisions, and solutions are often found where you are not used to looking for them.

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