Alexander Danilov

School of novice entrepreneur

According to statistics, nine out of ten novice entrepreneurs fail in their endeavors. For those who are just beginning to take their first steps in the business world, this means that with a probability of 90(!) Percent you will kill your business. Moreover, you will do it yourself completely voluntarily.

To avoid this, you have to change your way of thinking. Because the true reason for the failure of most novice entrepreneurs is hidden exactly in the way of thinking — you simply do not know how to think like entrepreneurs.

However, to think in a certain way is to first of all ask yourself relevant questions (after all, questions are the driving force of any thinking process). And in order to master this ability, you will need someone who will ask these very questions at the initial stage (at least until you learn to do it yourself).

Actually, it was for this that I opened the School of novice entrepreneur. Its main and only task is to ask questions that will help you (novice entrepreneurs) learn to think like entrepreneurs.

How it works

Studying at the School is individual (based on your own business), remote (email correspondence), free and lasts no more than a year.

In the process of learning, you identify the problems of your business, and in response (instead of ready-made solutions) you receive specially formulated questions that, firstly, guide you in your own search for the right solution, and, secondly, instill in you the skill thinking in the right direction.