Alexander Danilov

Tariffs and payment

All services are charged by time. One hour costs 1’500₽.

If the service requires my personal presence in a certain place, the main tariff is supplemented by a compensation of travel and accommodation costs.


If the service is of a recurring nature, it can be obtained by subscription.

The minimum subscription includes remote consultations by phone, email or messengers. At the same time, voice communication is limited to one hour per week, and correspondence is not limited in any way.

The cost of the minimum subscription for a month is 10’000₽, and for a year — 100’000₽. New customers are advised to switch to an annual subscription only after two months, paid monthly.

Services that are not part of the minimum subscription are discussed individually.

Procedure for payment and provision of services

When ordering the service, you will be issued an invoice specifying all the terms and conditions of our relationship (name and price of the service, the order of its provision, the order of payment and refund, as well as other material conditions).

Payment is made via PayAnyWay payment service. Visa, MasterCard and МИР payment cards are accepted for payment.